Our organized excursions in Alonnisos park is an experience that will enchant you.

The excursion boat STELLA, which has been active in the field of sea excursion for over thirty years, will offer you unique moments. 

What makes our excursions special ?

We give you the opportunity to take the complex of islands, which are the sea park of Alonissos and enjoy the clear blue waters, in natural caves and the untouched nature, since in the deserted islands there is no human activity.

What do we offer you ? 

Our priority is your service, we will welcome you as friends in order to spend with us, a beautiful enjoyable trip the important thing in our program of excursions is that we make frequent stops for swimming in different parts at the marine park . This satisfies the passengers, because they have enough time to enjoy the crystal clear water we also offer anything else you need on your day trip, such as beach umbrellas, masks and respirators, for those who want to explore the seabed and all for free.

What about the services ? 

Our boat is shaped so that you feel comfortable. Each guest has his own comfortable bathroom - locker room where you can change clothes, any time you want. There is also a bar where you can get whatever you want. Our experienced staff is trained to offer you delicious coffee, cold snaks, excellent muffins and more, at affordable prices. Aah! This is to remind me that in the front of the boat there are cushions that you can lie down and sunbathe or enjoy the sea breeze.

What about the safety measures for someone who is afraid of the sea?

Of course there is security !! You are in the hands of very experienced sailors and the boat meets the regulations for passenger safety. The captain always takes into consideration the weather conditions and if it is necessary he will cancel the trip, because our goal is to have a good time and not to be unhappy. 

What do we ask you to do? 

 In order to have a wonderful time all we ask is to forget the stress of everyday life and enjoy the trip. We would greatly appreciate if in all the stops you will be careful with the environment and not to throw useless objects or garbage. There are rubbish bins everywhere on the boat.

For any additional information do not hesitate to contact us, we will be very happy to talk to you and answer any questions you may have. 

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